The Mechron 2300 increases safety with seatbelts and a heavy duty ROPS frame. A wide bench seat provides room for the driver and two passengers, seat belts with retractors fitted standard. Optional windscreen pictured.

Optional glass or clear perspex  windscreen available  to protect you and your passengers from the elements.

 Standard Features

  • 22hp Daedong Diesel Engine 
  • 2 Speed CVT Transmission
  • 4-Wheel Drive with Diff Locks
  • 3 Seater with Seat Belts
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Extended wheelbase and cargo tray version


Mechron 2230
Engine Cargo Bed
Daedong 3C100LWU Length 1,280mm  
3 cyl In-Line Vertical, Water Cooled Width 1,427mm
22 HP @ 2800rpm Depth 293mm
  Capacity 500kg
Drive Train  
Belt CVT  Tyres HDWS / Turf / ATV
Gear Range L,H,N,R  Front: 25x10-12
Front / Rear Hyd Dry Caliper Disc Brakes   Rear: 25x10-12
Suspension   Dimensions 
Front - Independent MacPherson Strut   Length - 3,205mm
Rear - Independent Wishbone  Width - 1,543mm
   Height - 1,940
   Ground Clearance - 304mm
   Weight - 843kg