The Mechron 2400 increases safety with seatbelts and a heavy duty ROPS frame. Two wide bench seats provides room for the driver and 3 passengers, seat belts with retractors fitted standard.

Optional glass or clear perspex  windscreen available  to protect you and your passengers from the elements.

 Standard Features

  • 22hp Daedong Diesel Engine 
  • 2 Speed CVT Transmission
  • 4-Wheel Drive with Diff Locks
  • 2 Rows of Seating with Seat Belts
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Extended wheelbase and cargo tray version


Mechron 2240
Engine Cargo Bed
Daedong 3C100LWU Length 980mm  
3 cyl In-Line Vertical, Water Cooled Width 1,427mm
22 HP @ 2800rpm Depth 293mm
  Capacity 300kg
Drive Train  
Belt CVT  Tyres HDWS / Turf / ATV
Gear Range L,H,N,R  Front: 25x10-12
Front / Rear Hyd Dry Caliper Disc Brakes   Rear: 25x10-12
Suspension   Dimensions 
Front - Independent MacPherson Strut   Length - 3,725mm
Rear - Independent Wishbone  Width - 1,543mm
   Height - 1,940
   Ground Clearance - 304mm
   Weight - 873kg